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Hill Country Swimbaits

Lonestar Crankdown (Andry Special)

Lonestar Crankdown (Andry Special)

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4 piece billed swimbait!

Combination floater and crankdown style bait that dives to depths of 3-4 ft (can get as deep as 8 ft with long casts and faster reeling/cranking).

Varied retrieves make this a powerfully attractive bait to big fish.

Soft rubber tail for great swimming action and swiveling hook hangers that keep fish pinned.

: Length 7.75"

: Weight 2.5 oz

: Hand poured durable/flexible rubber tail: 3D mouth,gill, and fin

: Gamakatsu hooks and split rings -

(changing hook and split ring sizes can change floating capabilties)

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